The Legend of Chip: The Legend Begins


When Christopher MacDougall braves a harsh wintry Scottish night to request more hours from his employer to keep his family from the brink of starvation, this simple hardworking man unexpectedly meets an older gentleman that changes his life forever; however, change can be a double-edged sword.

Christopher, known to many as Chip, is requested by a Mr Prose to perform a simple task. He agrees, not knowing that it would take him from the simplest of existences and thrust him into the ranks of Scottish nobility. Mysterious voices begin to haunt Chip by day and chilling nightmares keep him awake at night. He keeps his problems to himself and in doing so estranges himself from his family. Desperate to regain his sanity, he accepts an offer to join the King’s Navy in hopes that he can find peace. When the Jacobite rebellion reignites conflict in Scotland, he is thrust into a year long adventure that changes him.

Upon returning home, Chip’s life begins to spin out of control once more. Later he finds the answer to his mysterious voices in the form of Humphrey, who believes that he has found his life purpose in Chip. Together, they stumble into the dark underbelly of Edinburgh and Leith as they cross paths with a runaway orphan girl who fears for her life. Turning to the fearless Captain O’Toole of the King’s Navy for assistance in helping the young girl, Chip and Humphrey find themselves on a collision course with the dark forces that have been secretly at work to destroy Chip’s life. Now, the unlikely duo must make a choice… to turn their back on the orphan girl or risk their very lives to end the evil that lurks in the shadows.

Book Preview

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