The Legend of Chip: The Legend Begins


Christopher “Chip” MacDougall braves a wintry Scottish night to request hours from his employer. In doing so, he meets an older gentleman that changes his life. However, he learns that change can be a double-edged sword.

It’s the year 1745, and an older gentleman asks Chip to perform a task. He agrees, unaware how it would change him. Mysterious voices and chilling nightmares begin to haunt Chip day and night. He keeps his problems to himself and becomes estranged from his family. Desperate for answers, he accepts an offer to join the King’s Navy. Conflict ensues and sends him on a year-long adventure.

Chip returns home, believing he has found the answers to his problems. However, one chance meeting changes everything. After discovering dark forces are at work in his city, Chip must make a choice. Either walk away or confront the darkness.





Book Preview

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